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The Distillery Gallery showcases the work of the artists who work and live in The Distillery along-side invited guest artists. The Distillery Gallery is located in the central lobby, and is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Saturday, and by appointment. New shows are installed every 8 weeks. For information about any of the artists, please look at their individual pages, or contact Scott Chasse.


Current Exhibit: Paint it Now

August 21 - October 2, 2008

The Distillery Gallery and OverKill Studio present:
"Paint It Now"
featuring individual work and large installation by Distillery artists Buildmore, Morgan Thomas, Kenji Nakayama, Ryan Lombardi, and Scott Chasse
as well as work by New York artists Dark Clouds, Celso, ELC Crew, and Deeker
and local artists Hargo, Evoker, Noir Boston, and Alphabet Soup
Opening Reception: Thursday 8/21, 7-11pm, free to public
Sponsored by Proletariat, Artists and Craftsman Supply, and The Upper Crust Pizzeria
OverKill Studio After-Party sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

"Paint It Now" brings together practicing artists from differing educational, social, and cultural backgrounds to examine the complexity of the nature of painting today. Each selected work is an attempt at visual communication of concept, through the medium, while ignoring, referencing and/or appropriating learned art history and observed contemporary practices.

Fusing individual exhibition and a collaborative two-wall installation, "Paint It Now" explores what it means to emerging painters to create in the contemporary arena. These complexities are exemplified in the range of the artists' individual styles: total abstraction, street, cartoon, realism. The installation walls incorporate all selected artists with an open invitation to paint freely over the course of the six week exhibit.

The individual work and installation examine how contemporary painters negotiate the overwhelming influence of those who have come before them, traverse the influence of those creating around them, and collaborate with other artists towards a common goal. How each artist channels these weighted stimuli into their own visual world and then into a shared visual world creates a juxtaposition of what it means to each artist to paint "now," in the contemporary arena; what it means for each artist to "Paint It Now".

As in, "NOW."

view installation shots

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