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The Distillery Gallery showcases the work of the artists who work and live in The Distillery along-side invited guest artists. The Distillery Gallery is located in the central lobby, and is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Saturday, and by appointment. New shows are installed every 8 weeks. For information about any of the artists, please look at their individual pages, or contact Scott Chasse.


Current Exhibit: BLACK & WHITE vs. COLOR

March 6 - April 17

This "mock face-off" will feature photographs by Walter Crump, Mary Flatley, John Hyde, and Jim Siegel.

Photographs by four Boston-area artists will be on display at The Distillery Gallery in South Boston as part of a mock "face-off" between the two basic forms of traditional photography in the upcoming exhibit, BLACK & WHITE vs. COLOR. Opening on Thursday, March 6, the show will include two Distillery artists, each paired with an invited guest to complete the teams.

Long-time Distillery tenant, Walter Crump, is primarily known for his pinhole work and uniquely toned & bleached prints which express a painterly quality. Crump's work has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally and is included in major collections at the Philadelphia Museum, Smithsonian, Fogg Art Museum, and the National Museum of Fine Art, Hanoi, Vietnam. Crump will include several sepia-toned pieces as an insightful and strategic move on team BLACK & WHITE's behalf.

South Boston resident, John Hyde, is a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston and a fifth-year scholarship recipient. Hyde works almost exclusively as a black and white photographer and often explores the use of unconventional cameras. For this exhibit Hyde focuses on more traditional black and white photography, offering a dozen examples of his efforts, and solidifying a concrete defensive line for his team.

Jim Siegel mainly examines colors, textures, and patterns in his seemingly abstract photographs composed of detailed selections of objects which often go unrecognized. His use of multiple photographs arranged to create a single, larger piece is complimentary to an already idiosyncratic approach to photography. Siegel has been a member of the Distillery artist's community for the past six years and has been rumored to be the critic's choice for MVP of this highly anticipated showdown.

Balancing out team COLOR, Boston resident, Mary Flatley, received a degree in photography from Columbia College, Chicago. More traditional in process, Flatley's works wander through colorful juxtapositions of strange and banal situations - moments which highlight the America that exists outside of urban areas. She will contribute half a dozen 18" x 20" pieces and has been alluded to as the "secret weapon" of team COLOR.