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The Distillery Gallery showcases the work of the artists who work and live in The Distillery along-side invited guest artists. The Distillery Gallery is located in the central lobby, and is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Saturday, and by appointment. New shows are installed every 8 weeks. For information about any of the artists, please look at their individual pages, or contact Scott Chasse.


For Immediate Release:

The Distillery Gallery presents:
featuring work by John Hyde and Lalie Schewadron
April 24th - June 3rd, 2008
Opening Reception: 4/24, 6-9pm, free to the public
contact: Scott Chasse, Gallery Director

Reallusions is a photographic and mixed-media installation presenting a combination of invented realities, sensations, and memories with internal spaces, life forms, and landscapes. Depicted are familiar, yet illusionary worlds operating under elsewhere rules, balanced between the Real and Imaginary realms.

The show fuses together the independent approaches of John Hyde and Lalie Schewadron to a singular purpose. The varied paths of artistic exploration each artist has embarked upon are simultaneously highlighted and combined, forming a unified event.

Hyde uses a photographic double-exposure process to create a new world of revived memories filtered through urban places. In this work he alters light exposure to allow different spaces to form a singular moment. The margin between real and represented takes shape through this use of light which transforms images of otherwise ordinary reality into something new. His smaller work involves the use of photo emulsion, text, and paint to present and explore hidden mythologies of the landscape and its eroding relevance to our lives.

Schewadron uses new and traditional media to create synthetic landscapes and life forms. Photographs from the natural world of forest ice or snow are digitally broken-down into abstracted fragmented shapes. These images, suggestive of primitive life forms, are reconstructed into composite works which combine prints and acrylic paint onto wall drawings and paintings. In addition, Schewadron presents animated work which originates from the same fragmented shapes, but is given life through motion algorithms and scripts to suggest perpetual movement and continuous growth.

The final installation and the interweaving of these very different invented worlds offers an exhibition that appears to be of past, present, and future - from a place where an encounter between the Imaginary and the Real is formed via a combination of nature, technology, and the pastoral. Reallusions, through imagery and personal narratives, suggests a recycled world that speaks of other life, places, and possibilities.



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